Wed 25 Dec - Kleinvillars, Germany

The day after the night before... Quiet and very few photos.

Christmas Day here in Germany was as quiet as Hans could remember from Sweden as the main day for celebrations in this part of the world is Christmas Eve.

Even Roland took his time in the morning and was not up and around until 8am or so. Hans had already been up since 7am and was enjoying his second cup of tea in the living room when Roland got up.

The weather was grey and rainy, rainy and grey so no outside activity at all for us today.

The time to noon was spent with Di having a midmorning snooze for a few hours as she had another night of interrupted sleep and Hans meanwhile watched "No Country for Old Men", a very good movie partly set in Las Vegas, NM where we were earlier in the year. Roland was reading a book about medival expressions still in use in Germany but in a different and modern context. Intriguing.

At noon, Roland began to prepare for lunch and Christa soon arrived. And yes, this was a very nice and presumably more traditional Christmas lunch of duck breast, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. It was all very delicious and we helped ourselves to multiple servings. Let's drink to the chefs.

The phone rang just after lunch and Di was exchanging Christmas greetings with her mum Audrey and her husband Alan who were in Brisbane, Australia visiting Di's sister. Di enjoyed the exchange.

Christa also brought Christmas presents so we had a repeat but lighter version of yesterday's present exchange among the 4 of us.

Of course, the vast majority of the presents were between Roland and Christa but we also received a small gift, a grocery shopping bag / shopping token which will be very useful in Europe as shopping bags always cost and bringing your own is the right and green thing to do here. We had brought some small gifts from Dijon in France for the two of them.

We have to say that Roland and Christa were very cute during the whole exchange. They clearly like, or shall we say love, each other very much. Lots of laughs and often very close together. Lovely to see and be part of that positive, happy atmosphere.

You, dear reader, can probably guess one of Roland's presents.

Later in the afternoon, Christina and Tom with family briefly popped in to see Christa and to see us off as well. Tschüss from the family. Catherine from upstairs also joined us for a little while.

Later, Roland brought out memorabilia from his 2 Australian trips, maps, photo albums etc. We suspected that he may be trying to convince Christa to come with him at some stage, but all this talk about "Down Under" made us a bit homesick.

Light and easy dinner in the form of salad and cucumber before we settled down in front of the TV to watch a marathon song and dance program called "Die Helene Fischer Show", broadcasting in a furious pace for over 3 hours (no, we didn't watch it all, but we did watch a fair chunk of it). The host herself was an absolute babe, could sing and dance, very fit, was a great host and also a very good sport. Ahhhhhhhh...

Bedtime at 11pm after a rainy rainy day where we didn't go out even once. Good night.


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