Sun 15 Dec - Rottenburg, Germany

A short tour through a few towns with names ending in "ingen".

But first a tour of the farm. Up and about around 8.30am with another long and pleasant breakfast before Anni left before 10am to go to church. The rest of us put on the boots and went out...

Time for the great barn day tour, to check out the pigs, and the rest of the animals we didn't see in the dark earlier, during daylight hours. First off, the boar...

Well, we mean... The BOAR. No name, but the previous boar was called Max. Hans suggested Boris as a suitable name, well, that sort of works on any big Schwein.

Some of the many, many "girlfriends" of Boris the Boar (well, he had to have a name).

On to the cows who Holger gave a sweet green hay feed so that they would come closer to us.

Yes, it was a cold morning for a cow...

Some of the cows were chewing the hay with a furious intensity that it was a bit tricky to get a photo without movements.

Different colours, different shapes...and according to Di all gorgeous.

And the two donkeys, not at the farm to produce food but as pets, were out and about enjoying the Sunday crisp weather.

The ever moving geese made an interesting addition to the landscape.

And just to prove that we are indeed on a farm, here is Di with some of the farm vehicles and equipment.

We wandered a small loop around the farm, first towards the main road and then back to its other side where there is farming land. The farmhouse from the front.

And how it looked like if you would be coming up the driveway from the main road.

A triple selfie at the back of the farm.

Yes, it was another crisp and nippy morning where ice had yet again formed over night. This thing of walking over and sometimes stomping on the ice reminded Hans of long gone times as a child in Sweden.

Anni returned some time after 11am and we decided to go to Tübingen to check out their Christmas markets and be out and about for a little while.

This is how we walked (although we did make it back to the car...just via a tunnel which is why there is gap).

It was busy, busy along the narrow streets and alleyways of Tübingen. Visiting the Weihnachtsmarkt was clearly the Sunday thing to do in the area and it was very nice and family friendly atmosphere.

Glühwein with a twist. This is called Feuerzangenbowle and is a glass of Glühwein where you put a sugar cube on a stick across the top of the mug, pour some alcohol / rum over it and then set it all alight.

More show than substance of course as you could as easily just done a glass of Glühwein with a schoss, I.e. just pour in the alcohol, done. Mind you, we had no trouble drinking it...

We heard an interesting story about this white building. Notice the one and only white painted window far right on the white building. Apparently, the apartment behind that window is incorporated into the title of the brown/red building to the right through some historical twists and turns and therefore is painted in the same white colour as the rest of that building.

Location shot from Tübingen...from out the front of the Rathaus (town hall).

Is it a bird...? Is it a plane...? No, it's...

Hans is holding up the guy who is holding up... You get the picture.

The river Neckar also flows through Tübingen and at this point it is split by a narrow island which makes for a lovely Sunday promenade.

With lovely views back to the town.

More staring off into space? Nuh...just the nice buildings along the river.

A beautiful, balmy Sunday afternoon, about 6 degrees and sunny. Perfect for a stroll.

The central promenade. There were 2 more narrow promenades on either side along the water.

Given the weather was so nice we decided to drive towards Hohenzollern Burg for a view of this delicate local castle, the current home of the still prince and princess of Prussia, near a town called Hechingen.

Di's next home design?

During our drive we chatted and learned more about each other, in particular about Anni's approach to teaching her 1st graders...she is, say, sometimes economical with the truth towards them. Apparently 2 weeks ago was "international sit properly in your chair week". to us...but we were happy to contribute some new "international weeks".

A quick break for coffee at McCafe and then we returned home around 4pm for another relaxed home cooked meal (Di having fun in the kitchen again). Yesterday's fresh food markets had inspired her asshe bought a locally corn fed chicken for a roast meal, a new concept for the young couple that you can do this at home.

Holger and Hans enjoyed some beers, compared music collections and watched the sunset...

...while Di became the roast chook teacher - with help from Anni - with delicious results.

A great final night with Anni and Holger. It's been a very relaxing visit with them down on the farm but tomorrow we move again, again a little hard to leave.

Good night.

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