Fri 27 Dec - Vienna, Austria

Bye to Deutschland, Österreich here we come.

Time to pack up and move again. We had a flight from Stuttgart, Germany to Vienna, Austria to catch, but not until 2.45pm which meant that we had plenty of lazy time in the morning. Stuttgart is about 1 hour away from Kleinvillars.

Breakfast at 8.30am, packed bags by 10am and then hanging for a while before the 4 of us including Roland and Christa took a 3km walk along the surroundings of Kleinvillars. Weather had dramatically improved overnight, a cool and crisp morning with clear blue skies before warming up a bit.

A final photo from Roland's place in Kleinvillars. This vortex constellation is just outside Roland's front door and it reminded us of the American deserts and isolated coastal stretches of Scotland.

Fahr, fahr, fahr auf der Autobahn...

..with us kids in the backseat. Roland and Christa at the front.

Roland dropped us off at Stuttgart / Messe Airport and we said goodbye to him and Christa who had really really taken good care of us. We had a great time in the small towns and villages of southwestern Baden-Württemberg. Auf Wiedersehen, guys. See you in Sydney some time soon...?

Stuttgart airport is not that big, but it looked new and we liked what they had done structurally. These beams were made to look like trees and at this time of the year, they were made to look like Christmas trees.

As soon as you pass security at Stuttgart Airport, you were met with this. Yes, it certainly drew attention, which of course is intended, for Sixt Car Rental (mind you, not that we would ever use them again. We used them in Italy in 2008 and both the car and their service was crap).

Now, this certainly drew our attention as we walked around the airport killing time. For 2€ each, we both had lovely massages, as you probably can see from Di's face.

Fast forward during an uneventful flight with Germanwings, Lufthansa's budget airline, from Stuttgart to Vienna (or Wien as is its proper name). However, we would give Air Berlin preference to Germanwings and minus points for the latter due to crammed and uncomfortable seating and crap snack.

At Vienna Airport, we had been advised by Michaela, our AirBnb host, to take the bus to Morzinplatz / Schwedenplatz and we found the bus just outside the first exit gate that we chose randomly.

OK, Hans just loves the name "Schwedenplatz". Not just because it is his old country, but because the deadpan way the mechanical voice pronounced it in the Straßenbahns / trams last time we were in Vienna 2006. We need to find out later whether that is still the case.

So, we had booked yet another week through AirBnb, at Rudolfplatz 7, in Vienna's 1st district in the Altestadt one block from the Danube. Very central and walking distance to everything.

Old building of course meant an old and very small lift. How small you may ask? Well, if you can't read the sign to the right it says Max 2 people / 150 kilograms. As we both crammed into the lift as we arrived, with our 2 bags, we should have exceeded that although the red light at the bottom did not switch on so perhaps there was some leeway there.

After been given an overview of the apartment by Michaela, we had a short break before going grocery shopping. Across Rudolfsplatz, which is an enclosed park, there are 2 grocery stores, one being an Aldi so that warranted a visit Aldi fans as we are. Easy dinner of soup and and snacks rounded off the day.

A slow news day so we include a few pics from our 1 bedroom apartment, with 2 long hallways. One hallway leads from the front door, passing the kitchen and the second hallway leading to the bedroom and onto the living room from where this photo is taken.

And turn around you see... Di... and the living room.

The kitchen, bathroom without toilet to the left. The toilet is just outside the bedroom...

...which is here.

The apartment appears very quiet as all the room front two different backyards and we can easily see us enjoy a week here.

Two more photos from downstairs and just inside the entry door.


For now though, good night from Vienna which seems to be preparing itself for New Years Eve celebrations.


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