Sat 2 Nov - Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

Bugger it, we couldn't be bothered...

Yesterday, we planned to go and check out Rotterdam today, but waking up to yet another cloudy and intermittently rainy day, plan B kicked in instead. That is, just chill at home...

Di was cooking and watching cooking programs on TV.

Hans watched 2 movies on his iPad, "The Way" about Camino de Santiago de Compostella and "The Visitor" about belonging or not belonging in the US post 9/11. Both are absolutely fantastic movies and can be seen over and over again.

In the evening, we had Anneke, the lovely neighbour and friend of Brian and Doro, over for dinner to thank her for her help when we were fighting that blocked drain earlier in the week, but no photos as we forgot to shoot. Too much eating, drinking and chatting.

Instead, here are a couple of kitchen photos from another time. Di's workspace.

The kitchen table...

So, for perhaps the first time during the trip, we didn't take one single photo for the blog today. Oh well, we will compensate for that at another time. Good night.


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