Fri 1 Nov - Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

Back to a low-key day...

Rain, rain and rain... Today and forecast for the next 3 days in Noordwijk and in most of its surroundings. These, of course, are also our last 3 days in the Netherlands before we travel into Germany (to Hamburg) on Monday.

This is what we woke up to this morning...

We had no plans for today other than that we are going out for dinner tonight, Friday night, at a local eatery that Brian and Doro, our hosts, had recommended. So, it became a lazy one...

We did go out during the day just for a little while to do some food and necessities shopping, but it was not very long before we were back inside.

An easy lunch of mushroom soup and some knäckebröd and more lazing.

We have invited our nice neighbour, Anneke and her daughter, to dinner tomorrow and Di got cooking, a Roman Chicken casserole, in readiness for tomorrow night as we plan to be out during the day (regardless of the weather).

Di watched some TV, which she could easily understand, as they have syndicated Australian cooking shows - both My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef - to one of the Netherlands TV stations. The shows run for an hour each in the afternoons, are subtitled in Dutch, but the spoken accents are pure Aussie. Some nice recipe ideas but nothing that can be practically made "on the road".

Hans was basically chilling all day while Di got her cooking "fix".

As mentioned earlier, we were going out for dinner tonight and the restaurant's name was "De Klucht". Brian and Doro, our hosts, had recommended it as a place for a nice meal out. Here is Di inspecting the menu...

We were given the menus in English, or should that be Dunglish again. "Schrambled"...? "Carlic sauce"...?

There was only one couple there at the "De Klucht" when we arrived and they soon left, leaving us as the only patrons there for a little while. Nice enough interior wouldn't you say?

This was our shared entree, smoked salmon roulade and trout mousse. Very nice.

By the time main meals had arrived the restaurant was far busier and we were happy that local "regulars" seemed to be in the crowd (based on greetings to chefs etc.).

Hans had veal rib eye steak and when it arrived, Hans was ready to tuck into it...

The waitress kindly offered to take a photo of us, but as she was a bit nervous and possibly felt a bit uncomfortable in speaking English, the photo was a rush job and it felt like it really wasn't anything that she wanted to do. Anyway, here is that pic...

Di has pork ribs and we washed it all down with a bottle of Spanish Shiraz, a good plonk but nothing memorable.

All in all, a most pleasant night, sort of a 4 out of 5 if you'd like to rate the "De Klucht" experience. A very nice evening.

Back home at Binnenweg, we watched a bit of TV before calling it a day (a very lazy day) but still from us now it is good night.


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