Fri 22 Nov - Berlin, Germany

Slow news day... Actually, a down day today.

We woke up to grey, with rain, and the forecast for the rest of the day was grey and it continued to be grey, with intermittent rain. And 2-5 degrees Celsius. Nope, not enticing so we did... not very much.

The main activity for today was that Di had a hair appointment at 9.30am, across the street of Leipziger Straße, in this establishment... to the right.

Di said it was time to hide the grey and get rid of the shaggy dog look but Hans of course thought it looked just fine already.

No specific "before" photo today, check yesterday's blog, but here is an "after" photo. Di was pleased and managed OK speaking German for the whole appointment.

Berlin has proved, so far, to be pretty cheap and the same was true for this "cut and colour", which Di estimated was about 2/3rds of Sydney prices for the same treatment.

Hans didn't go out all day, boy, was that nice, and at times you found him like this.

Leftover lunch went down well and was followed by Di doing a jaunt to Lidl for a chook to roast to supplement the vegies we already bought for dinner. She also visited the bakery for cake to go with afternoon tea.

Very civilized and lazy day. Audrey (Di's mum) would be pleased that we are finally slowing down, if only for a day.

What we did though, was booking or organizing all our remaining accommodation for the rest of this trip, and most of the transport as well.

After all, we will be going into the Christmas and new year period and there is no reason to believe that people in this part of the world would travel any less than elsewhere in the western world.

This is how it panned out...

  • Sat 21 Nov - Berlin, 1 more night
  • Sun 22 Nov - Fly from Berlin to Munich, see Di's cousin with family, stay 1 night
  • Mon 23 Nov - Bus to Strasbourg, France, stay 3 nights
  • Thu 26 Nov - Train to Paris, France, stay 7 nights
  • Thu 5 Dec - Train to Lyon, France, see friends, stay 4 nights
  • Mon 9 Dec - Train to Dijon, France, stay 4 nights
  • Fri 13 Dec - Transport to Karlsruhe, Germany TBD, see friends, stay 3 nights
  • Mon 16 Dec - Transport to Heidelberg, Germany TBD, stay 3 nights
  • Thu 19 Dec - Car pick up to Kleinvillas in the Schwartzwald, see Di family and celebrate Christmas, 8 nights
  • Fri 27 Dec - Fly from Stuttgart, Germany to Vienna, Austria, celebrate New Year, stay 7 nights
  • Fri 3 Jan - Transport to Zurich, Switzerland TBD, stay 2 nights
  • Sun 5 Jan - Fly home to Sydney via Bangkok, arrive Tue 7 Jan

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