Fri 25 Oct - Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

A slow news and photo day...

Definitely a slower pace for us today as we woke up to overcast weather with rain or showers predicted for most of the day. Hence, most of the morning up until after midday, we slept, read, went online and were just lazy. How nice is that?

After lunch, around 2pm, we finally decided to move our flat backsides outdoors, if only for a little stroll around Noordwijk aan Zee. We passed the Palace Hotel, with not only one but two mermaids outside... Aaahhh...

We have seen various businesses now around the world where "Champ" is used as part of their name. Of course, Champ is the nickname given to Hans' son Jeremy so we tend to mark those occasions with yet another photo.

Or we could meet you at "De Bob"...

After looping around the town centre, we stopped for a coffee and applebol (apple ball) in a cafe that formed part of the Hema department store on Hoofdstraat (which incidentally and surprisingly means Main Street in Dutch) where we could sit outside on the pedestrian mall and watch the world go by.

Yep, the rain had stopped, it was still overcast but quite pleasant outside at this time. Verdict on the snacks; crap cappuccino (from the push of a button type) and sticky and loose apple ball, but quite tasty. Di had tea so hot water is just hot water with a tea bag thrown in.

We stopped again at Kruidvat, the Poundland equivalent, for medications for Di (she has been suffering with a sore back today) and lollies for Hans (dirt cheap and very tasty Dutch licorice)

A visit Vomar followed to stock up on beer, wine and even some groceries.
And yes, we stay on Binnenweg to the left, about the 4th townhouse on the right. Close, hey?
After that major achievement of the day, it was back to the farm with Di going to bed with painkillers and trying to ease out her back.

So, a lazy afternoon followed the lazy morning and we feel very fortunate to have access to this lovely and spacious townhouse in such a prime location in Noordwijk.

Home cooked food is such a luxury on the road and we made use of the kitchen again for a simple pasta dinner and a salad.

We had found the "Bourne Supremecy" DVD so it was a dose of great action TV tonight. And we will be going to Berlin in a couple of weeks time, which features quite a bit in the movie.

Perhaps a busier day tomorrow, weather permits. For now, from the lazy seaside resort, good night.


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