Tue 1 Oct - London, England

Di to see Doc...

First a couple of pics from our guest house "Stay in a Chelsea" which is in Kensington.

Our "view" over Old Brompton Road.

Standing on the outside looking in...

The front of the building... Number 7, Brechin Place.

Unfortunately Di's stomach bug (confirmed) had given her a rough night and left her feeling still nauseous and faint so she booked a local GP appointment for 11am and announced a quiet day in bed to recuperate.

Dr Joshi's surgery was literally 3 minutes walk around the corner... Not happy...

...and all alone in the waiting room...

...before Dr Joshi helped with advice and prescription medication for nausea, which Di supplemented with extra prescription medication, lots of fluids and bed rest. Hans supported with a run to the chemist, and buying lucozade, some basic foods and comfort.

By lunchtime, Di was looking and feeling better as the medication kicked in but she was not up for sightseeing.

Hans decided to leave her to rest and stay away for a few hours. So, he walked around London a bit... Like this...

The good people of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, their signs and the reality...the sign says no dumping of rubbish at any time for any reason...

Just up Old Brampton Road a tiny little bit from where we are staying is Christie's Auction House. It is huge and takes up probably 3-4 times as much shop front that you can see in the picture. In the left window, there is a TV display showing outside punters the latest bid... We doubt that we have or would ever have anything that Christie's would find valuable enough to auction out here.

And yes, for ease of access in and out, Christie's naturally have their own private road.

A few pics from the eastern parts of Hyde Park, which looked good this overcast autumn midday.

Jogging tracks on both sides...

This is apparently the Speaker's Corner of Hyde Park, but apparently only on Sundays. Today, there was no evidence of that apart from signs pointing here.

From Hyde Park it was east on Oxford Street. Boring as batsh*t would be Hans' view, shops, department stores and too many people, but he took a mandatory photo anyway.

Oxford Circus, which is just that - a circus, looking down Regent Street.

Now Hans found something different and interesting. Green men and women galore. It may have been for a commercial as there were people with cameras following them. If you look closely, you can see iPhones and other "bits and pieces" behind their clothing.

We stopped for coffee and cake at this Caffe when we were in London in 2010. It was OK from memory, but nothing special.

Yes, the triangular sign is still spinning.

Scotland Yard shares facilities with the Metropolitan Police and outside behind fencing was this fancy car. No explanation as to why...

This was interesting for another reason. You don't have to venture far from Westminster to see a lot of very ordinary public housing. Hans thinks that this area is called Pimlico. The photo is taken looking north on Warrick Way next to Ebory Bridge.

Looking off Ebory Bridge onto the railway tracks that will end up at Victoria Station not far behind here.

Hmm... All private, members only at a hospital? The area had a full size football field among the offerings. Nice for some...but if you're in hospital do you really need this garden and jogging track?

We should not complain about parking prices in Sydney when you see this. £45 (app. A$80) to park for a day... Unbelievable.

Hans just had to take a photo of one of the numerous mews in a Central London. Once stables, now probably very expensive and desirable housing.

Some time around 4.30pm it was time for dinner, meaning Chinese as that was what Di had requested (plain not spicy). Hans sat down at a cheap and chirpy Chinese eatery and had his dinner there and then ordered a takeaway to bring home to Di. He found it almost next to South Kensington tube station.

Respect. They had Malaysian curry chicken on the menu and chopsticks and spoon were standard cutlery (totally the opposite outside London). And it was good and felt authentic and it was hot. Hans had been warned that it would be hot and since he was used to less than hot British food, he just said "Bring it on".

Hans ordered and brought home to Di a beef stew with rice which seemed innocent enough for somebody with gastro. Di enjoyed her dinner although she thought that they had been over generous with cabbage and perhaps a bit stingy with the beef.

A lazy evening with further recuperation for Di followed. Oh yes, she was much better now... Good night.

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