Mon 6 Jan - Somewhere between Bangkok and Sydney

One hour in Bangkok...

Not much to report from our transit in Bangkok. Given that our plane from Zürich was approximately 30 minutes late, we had only 1 hour and 15 minutes of time in Bangkok, to get boarding passes to Sydney which at that time we had none and to get to the departure gate which of course was at the other end of the airport.

Time of one photo from Bangkok's airport, from the entry to the men's toilets... Hmm... Happy indeed.

The plane left Bangkok on the dot but here we were flying Qantas to Sydney, I.e. "good" old Boeing 747. Yep, they have been around a while which was very noticeable when di's headrest got loose.

Slower but surely we were getting closer to Sydney and after having a very short day in between, we say good night yet again.


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